How to use Footprints to find Backlinks and Traffic and get more value

This guide will show you how you can find super relevant and targeted websites to create back links using things called footprints.

What Is Footprints ?

Footprints are strings of text that we can use to find websites that are built on and using similar software. They are usually mandatory by the software providers and often found in the footer of the website. They normally state what software or company the site or product is built on.

How To Search Footprints On Google

Footprints are easy to search when you know a list of which to use. You simple place them in between commas and enter them into search engines. For example this website is ran on vBulletin software and if you look in our footer you will see, “Powered by vBulletin”. This is a great footprint to use as forum backlinks, artivle backlinks, profile backlinks are held very high in the eyes on Google.

I am updating new footprints whenable. So, you can bookmark this page to see the latest updates.

Article Footprint

"Create new account Log in Request new password"
"Posted by Anonymous (not verified)"
inurl:"/node/1" "You are here"
inurl:"/node/2" "You are here"
inurl:"/node/3" "You are here"
"Login to post new content in the forum." "Powered by Drupal"
"Startseite Ÿ Weblogs Ÿ Weblog von"
"Submitted by" "Login or register to post comments" "Search this site:"
"Submitted by Anonymous" "Login or register to post comments"

See full Article Footprint at HERE

Blog Comment Footprints

"Powered by !JoomlaComment"
"Post a Comment" "Enter Word Verification in box below"
"Leave a Reply" Website
"Speak Your Mind" Website
"Leave a comment" Website
"Write a Comment" Website
"Add a comment" Website
"Add comment" Website
"Powered by s9y" "add comment"
"Powered by Lifetype" "add comment"
"Allow users to contact you through a message form" "leave a comment"
"Powered by Movable Type" "You may use HTML tags for style"
"powered by pMachine" "Notify me when someone replies to this post"

See full Blog Comment Footprints at HERE

Directory Footprints

"Powered by Aardvark Topsites PHP"
"Rate and Review This Site" "Show All Reviews" "Average Rating" "Number of Ratings"
Rankings Join "User Control Panel" "Overall Stats"
"Enter the text as it is shown in the image below (Can't read?)" "Banner URL"
"Please enter your rating and review for" "in the form below." "Review - No HTML allowed"
"Czas wykonania skrytpu"
"Script Execution Time" "SQL Queries" "Members"
inurl:"/addurl.php" "URL of the page" "Website Title" "Description" "Category"
"Powered by AxsLinks"
"Please make sure to add the code below before submitting" "(only for A-B-C)"
"Powered by cpDynaLinks"
"Powered by cpLinks"
"To add a link select Submit A Link from the menu"
"[ Links Home ] [ Suggest A Sub Category ] [ Submit A Link ]"
"Get in touch here" "Web Address:" "Get Direction"
"Review this location" "Share This Post"
"Powered by Directory97 PRO"

See full Directory Footprints at HERE

Forum Footprints

"- Aska BBS -" %E3%83%A1%E3%83%83%E3%82%BB%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B8
"- ASKA BBS -" "Modified by isso"
"Forum Software: Burning Board"
"Forensoftware: Burning Board"
"Powered by Discuz!"
"Powered by Discuz!" inurl:"register.php"
"Powered by Discuz! X1.5"
"Powered by Discuz! 6.0.0"
"Powered by Discuz! 7.0.0"
discuz "Comsenz Inc" "Processed in"
"kein Teamspeak eingetragen"
"Powered by DZCP"
"DZCP" "Clanportal"
"DZCP" "Forum" "Clan"
"by deV!L`z Clanportal"
"supported by Clantemplates"
"Stromanbieter vergleichen" "Gasvergleich" "CMS"
"powered by E-Blah"

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GOV – EDU Footprints "Members with credit" "New members in last day" "Cross-project stats" +inurl:"team_display.php" +inurl:"view_profile.php?userid=" "Members with credit" "New members in last day" "Cross-project stats" +inurl:"team_display.php" +inurl:"view_profile.php?userid="

See full GOV – EDU Footprints at HERE

Guestbook Footprints
"Your Homepage" "Your message" "Security-Code" "Please enter the security code to the left!"
"Powered by @lex Guestbook"
"Copyright (C) 2001 Achim Winkler"
"Powered by Advanced Guestbook"
"AGCode is ON" "Smilies are ON"
"Powered by AkoBook"
"Ard Guestbook 1.6"
"Mesaj Gönder" "HTML etiketleri"
"Önceki" "Sonraki" "Mesaj Gönder" "Ana Sayfa" "Yönetici Giriþ"
"Code by" g%C3%A4stebuch
"powered by Beepworld" "Eintrag vornehmen"
"Powered by BellaBook" -"Fill in your details in the form below"

See full Guestbook Footprints at HERE

Image Comment Footprints

"Powered by 4images" "Post comment"
"Powered by 4images" "Kommentar posten"
"Powered by 4images" "Agregar comentario"
"Template by Cameraland"
"Template * Bali Web Design"
"Rate this file" Register "Coppermine Photo Gallery"
"ChaoticSoul WP Design by Bryan Veloso" Register "Rate this file"
"Bridge by" Register "Rate this file"
"Coppermine Themes by SiteGround web hosting" Register "Rate this file"
"FILE 1/" "Powered by Coppermine Photo Gallery"

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Microblog Footprints

"Sign up with your email address. There are already * registered members."
"Powered by Blogtronix"
"Attached Image: " "Powered by Blogtronix"
"Powered by Sharetronix"
"External Profiles" "Last online" "About Me"
"users can communicate using quick status updates of 160 characters or less." "This free flowing dialogue lets you send messages, pictures and video to anyone"
"It`s also easy to find and connect with other people for private threads and to keep track of their updates."
"Powered by Jisko"
"Public notes" FAQ Contact "Mobile interface"
"Having trouble while logging in?" "Public notes"
"Public notes" "Normal version" "Login"
"Public notes" "Terms of Service" "Normal version"

See full Microblog Footprints at HERE

Social Bookmark Footprints

"Published scoops"
"Sosbook Power" Drigg
"Please visit GetBoo's wiki for more information about the project."
"stored on GetBoo"
"Get your bookmarks!" getboo
"Keep all your bookmarks in one place, accessible from anywhere."

See full Social Bookmark Footprints at HERE

Social Network Footprints

"Powered by AV Arcade - Copyright AV Scripts 2006-2014"
"Powered by AV Arcade Pro - Copyright AV Scripts 2006-2014"
"Powered by AV Arcade - Copyright AV Scripts 2006-2013"
"Powered by AV Arcade Pro - Copyright AV Scripts 2006-2013"
"Register to earn points" "Powered by AV Arcade"
inurl:"newest-1.html" "Powered by AV Arcade"
inurl:"member_list" "by av arcade"
inurl:"member_list" intitle:"Member list" "Popular Games"
inurl:"task=register" "Newest Games " "Top Players"
inurl:"task=links" "AV Scripts-The home of AV Arcade"
"Register or login to submit a wallpaper" "Submit wallpaper"

See full Social Network Footprints at HERE

Video Footprints ( Adults Included)

"Powered by Adult Script Pro"
"I certify that i am at least 18 years old!" "Enter the code from the above image!"
Home Videos Playlists Categories Community Photos Stories AdultFlickScript "Video Sitemap"
"Powered by AdultWatch"
"User Information" "User videos people have watched" "Videos Watched"
"Powered by AVS" "QUICK JUMPS" Blog
"MOST RECENT BLOGS" "blog articles" "Post Comment" "Create New Blog Entry"
"QUICK JUMPS" "Favorite Videos" "People have watched" "Add to friends"
"Powered by"

See full Videos Footprints at HERE

URL Shortener Footprints

"Seed" "A clue for easy reference" "Target URL"
"Use this URL shortener service to shorten your long URLs" "Custom URL (Optional)"
"shorten a link"
"URL Shortener"
"Short URL"
"Shrink URL"
"Create small URL"
"Tiny URL"
"Powered by lilURL"
lil´ URL Generator
"lil´ URL Generator"

See full URL Shortener Footprints at HERE

Web 2.0 Footprints
"About this Qhub" "Recent badges"
"Answer Questions or Ask a Question"
"Powered by"
"Ask a question Provide Feedback"
"Badges Explained" "Asked a question"
"Use this section to explain what your Qhub is about in detail"

Wiki Footprints

"wiki is licensed under"
"Driven by DokuWiki"
"DokuWiki supports some simple markup language"
"The wiki, blog, calendar, and mailing list"
"Log in to my page" "wikis"
inurl:groups "log in to my page"
"updates" "wikis" "blogs" "calendar" "mail"
"Mac OS X Server - Wikis"

See full Wiki Footprints at HERE

So, those are just a couple of searches that can be used to locate and track your competition’s footprint or your linkbuilding strategy. You can use a variety of combinations and keywords to location various sites your competition is using to get links.

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