In the 4.0 era as today, making a website (or blog) is extremely simple that anyone can do. It doesn’t matter whether you have a website design knowledge or not. Blogging to make money is like a job for your left hand, making it money when it comes out, not limiting how much time a day is enough, investing more in (time, effort, Money …), your results will soon see.

Why make money by website (blog)? Is it suitable for all?

When I started intending to blog, there were a lot of things to come in: where was the content, what topics to write about, what image did not know how to design, how to have readers visit the blog … just a mess in the subconscious. From time to time to explore and learn, I also found the way for myself. Of course, I am not a person who knows the code and is not a professional designer. But rest assured, I will help you become a coder and amateur designer in just a few tutorials.

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Make money online with just a website and a laptop with an Internet connection

There are at least four benefits from making money by creating a website to make money that you need to pay attention to, especially those who love financial freedom and time freedom. Those four benefits include:

Extremely simple, just need a core i3 laptop, 4Gb RAM and a stable internet connection.
Initial cost savings and most other costs to do, compared to other jobs that take a lot of time and capital (e.g., Trade Fx, Stock, fashion business need to manage bill of lading …)
Freedom of time, freedom of time. Not limited by geographic space.
The source of income will increase steadily, will reach a very high level without consuming 100% of the time. It is not easy to achieve this, but if one is determined and persistent, it will be possible.
Writing a website/blog to make money will not be for everyone, especially those who want immediate income while writing skills are not enough. You also have to learn many other things to become a blog killer (website).

If that’s the case, it is only in the steps below to begin making websites and blogging to make money:

Step 1: Choose the best blog/website platform.

Step 2: Own a domain name for yourself.

Step 3: Choose a Hosting provider.

Step 4: Instructions for installing WordPress and Design interface.

Step 5: Develop your Website / Blog.

Step 6: Choose the right form of money.

Step 7: Secure, speed up Website and optimize user experience.

Oh, it looks like there are only eight steps like this but when you start working, countless problems occur, and you will not be able to control what your route is doing. So to have the most positive initial result, I recommend you to bookmark or save somewhere to link my article to read it over and over again. Because with more than 5 thousand words I present clearly and throughout this blog you need time, at least about 30 minutes to read and to ponder. Because I have a thorough and detailed guide, it is possible for people who are entirely ignorant to do so.

There will be questions like: “How many hours do I start in the day?” Or “How does a day of investment work?” – I repeat “Success never has a shortcut “And everything you do at the moment will directly affect future results.

No more miscellaneous, start blogging and make money, go step by step as mentioned above.

Step 1: Choose the best Website / Blog platform.
Number of websites using WordPress
WordPress accounts for 33% as of January 2019

Source: Excerpt from

I choose WordPress as the primary platform for my Website / Blog, including the website I am instructing you for the following main reasons:

WordPress has one of the most crowded and developed communities in the world, plus it’s a free source code, featuring many features.
WordPress can customize the interface and speed simply to improve the user experience when accessing the website; there are hundreds of free and paid interfaces to fit your website’s needs and goals.
Very easy to use for beginners.
Safe and secure
Step 2: Own a domain name (Vietnam or international).
For me, I just like to use the Domain and Hosting providers abroad, because I hate the legal procedures about legal in Vietnam, making a lot of time and wear saliva for support staff at that side.

Note: Naming a domain name is also quite important. You can see in this article.

Choosing a domain name to be a brand for the website also affects more or less the topic you’re writing for the Website. For example, you cannot buy the domain name (Delicious Dishes) and write articles that are only about Finance, Investment …. And the domain name or topic of the website will have the following criteria for you to choose accordingly:

One must be in your interests or passions: This is extremely important. If you have been passionate about a certain anime, then your blog must not be less than a few thousand words to describe the characters, plot, humanistic meaning … However, if you choose and write yourself the topics must be strong or not things you care about, is there enough knowledge and words to soar?
If not, it is best to choose the most general and closest topics for everyone. Write a website to share tips, family tips, and life tips. Everyone in the world needs guidance, and if you do this well the results will come in astonishing.
Write about yourself and your story: What is your major; you want to help anyone in your tutorial series. Be bold and write about your life on the website. This not only helps many people know you but also extends the surrounding relationships.
Here I will guide you to buy domain names at one of the major suppliers in the world, Namecheap. I love the old Namecheap now because the brand is too big + enthusiastic Support + Moderate renewal fee + Hide information for only $ 0.99 / year

Step 3: Choose a Hosting provider
Hosting is the place that contains all the source code of your website, articles, images … Domain names are like home addresses, and Hosting is like a house’s land. The cost of hosting, I recommend that you buy at least one year to minimize the cost, you also need to have a long-term strategy for the website, so the extension of monthly hosting is not too necessary. Let that time do something else. So why choose Hawkhost to use for your Blog / Website. I give three main reasons as follows:

Hosting provider Hawkhost: As one of the oldest Hosting providers in the world (2004 2004) to date. A lot of bloggers and websites around the world choose to use Shared Hosting.

High stability and uptime: HawkHost is one of the services with the highest stability today when cable breaks occur. The reason is HawkHost has Hong Kong location. With this location, your website also has fast access from the country. Not less than the site located in the country.

Fast page loading speed for one of the following reasons:

1. Use SSD
2. Hard disk location in Asia including Hong Kong and Singapore
3. cPanel allows upgrading to the latest PHP
4. cPanel supports you to automatically install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for free. And this is extremely good for SEO.
5. Use LightSpeed web server instead of Apache server. With this feature, you can use the LightSpeed Cache plugin, the most feature-rich and best WordPress cache plugin now, and moreover, it’s completely FREE

Currently, Hawkhost has a discount program as follows:

30% discount for the lifetime, new coupon updated today
40% discount on the first bill
Instructions to buy Hosting and website settings in just 5 minutes.
Access and get a discount coupon as above; then you will be taken to the homepage. At that time, select All Products, then select Cloud Web Hosting

There are two basic packages as shown below, but when you first start, choose the right package. $ 2.99 / mo

Next, select line 3 since you have previously purchased the domain on Namecheap. Now update the Nameserver.

Choose a 1-year payment package to save time and cost each renewal. Local in Hong Kong to speed data transfer from Hawkhost to Vietnam quickly.

When you choose a 30% discount for Coupon as mentioned above, each time the renewal for the following year costs will be reduced by 30% compared to the original price. Too cheap, guys.

Continue Checkout, then Hawkhost will take you to the information creation page
First Name: Enter your middle name and your name. Note: You do not need to enter the sign to support them by calling
Last Name: Entering them (Example: Steve)
Phone: With HawkHost you enter the mobile number without the country code
Email: Enter your email address (this is also is email to later login to account)
Address: Enter your address
Country: Select Vietnam (or the country you live in)
City: Enter the city you live in (e.g., Ho Chi Minh)
Zip code: Enter 700000 If you are in HCM
State / Region: Re-enter the city or province (if available)
Email: Enter your email
Password: Enter the password
Confirm Password: Re-enter the password
Select a security question and fill in the answer in the box next

This information entered as above when buying a domain name I also have instructions; you pull up to review

Payment information section:

Name on Card: Enter your name on the
Credit Card Number payment card: Payment card number (16 digits on the front of the card)
CVV Code: Enter the three numbers behind your card
Expiration Date: Enter the expiry month and year of card
(You can choose to pay by PayPal …)

The process of buying Hosting comes here. If your card doesn’t have a problem, you will receive an email with your account at a later time.

After payment is completed, you will receive an email with information to access Cpanel. At that time, please follow the picture by taking account from Email you provided to Hawkhost.
This is the address for you to access Cpanel.

Or you can access Hawkhost administration with the following link with the above registration information to Login:
Step 4: Instructions for installing WordPress and Design interface
There are countless WordPress themes on the Forest Theme Market, but I recommend using the Themes that are already being used by the majority of bloggers around the world. I am using many different, but most stable themes, including Newspaper, Sahifa, Genesis, Elegant Themes.

First, install the SSL certificate for the website so that Google Chrome confirms that it is a safe and secure website for SEO by installing the following

After accessing Cpanel by an account in Email, I guided above. Interface as below
You find SSL / Status as shown below

The running process takes the 20s, then succeeds, you will see that your domain names are green as this is successful.

Then we return to the main interface of Cpanel and look to the picture below. Just one more operation is the website can appear on the Internet already. I used to run the program so that the Website source code completely created automatically:

Note: leave the item highlighted below blank

Fill in the admin information and password, remember to copy the paste before turning off this window.

Select an existing theme and proceed with Install

After installation is complete, the interface of your window will display the following guide. You access and enter the administrator account as just filled in above to proceed to login to the website.

Demo path: https://WebsiteCuaBan.Com/wp-admin

That’s it, so your website is already on the Internet. Pretty simple.

Step 5: Develop your Website / Blog
This is the essential step in all the steps I want to emphasize. Because all your short-term and long-term strategies depend on how you develop your website. Many people are very headache because they do not know how to build Website / Blog: How to get readers for the site? How many people know my website on the Internet … Thousands of problems encountered in this step caused many authors to falter. I am the simple motto: “If other people have ten reasons to refuse to do one thing, I am willing to have 11 reasons to start a job.”

Google Adsense is a form of making money online to bring a stable source of income for many people, and Google Adsense is an advertising service of Google brought in the middle of 2003 to bring profits based on the principle of charging each Google clicks and ads.

What is Google Adsense? How to make money online through Google Adsense? Read along to follow the following content. Here I just talk about Google Adsense Content account (dedicated account for website).

Currently, many websites are using Google Adsense to make money from its content, and through Google Adsense, many websites make money from it. I would list out some sites that are used to make money from Google Adsense as follows:


The methods to maximize revenue from Google Adsense, basically as follows:

Method 1 : Make the most of Social Media channels to take full advantage of traffic (traffic) to your website.

Method 2 : You need to build and optimize good content, containing keywords that Google Adsense will pay high when there is traffic and click on their website.

Method 3 : You need to use a variety of ways to encourage users to be excited and click on your ad link. To attract ad clicks, Google strictly prohibits the use of phrases such as “click on my ad” to be able to sentence and increase the number of clicks, you can use sentences like “this link is sponsored”, “advertising” ….
Make money from Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a model to promote products and services, in which affiliate/publisher based on their capacity and understanding will implement marketing, attracting, solicit Customers (EndUser) to purchase and use the Provider’s services (Advertiser / Merchant), and from there Distributor will receive commissions from the Supplier for each successful or completed order. Specific action.
Monetize shortened Link:
Shorten the link to make money or make money online from the shortened link, it must be shortened link form containing ads,
ie when the user clicks on the shortened link will not be able to go straight to the original link as a shortened link form without advertising it will redirect to an ad page, the user has to wait 3s – 5s (depending on the provider) and then click on “Skip ad” then officially move to the original page.
For each time a user clicks on the link you shorten, you will receive a specified amount of money.

Make money from selling your own products/services:
It’s great when you use Website / Blog to promote your products/services for yourself. This is also the place where I created this website. But first, make sure your product/service meets the needs of your readers.
Step 7: Secure, speed up Website and optimize user experience
Basic WordPress website security
Suppose your money website/blog is bringing you a source of income. But suddenly, what does it mean if one day it stops working or is warned? Your website is a brand, a facade and is often the first contact with your customers or readers. If it is not kept safe and secured, important business relationships can be compromised.

This is a relatively long story, and I have composed an essential security guide for your Website / Blog for those who are not specialized in code.

Optimize page loading speed of Website / Blog WordPress
As the criteria, I presented above. A website is a place to express all your enthusiasm. So want not to miss readers/customers, take care of its page loading speed. Nutrition experts often say: “How you eat and drink, your body will be like that”, and I am very simple: “The page loading speed of the website shows the love you give. For it”. You CANNOT DO WHAT if you go to a website that is laggy, jerky and even wants to swear at those who are making websites – Just kidding but the truth.
Your products may include Selling backlink, Banner rental, writing PR articles for other websites near the industry ….
And this is also a long article so you should go through the following article to read if your Website / Blog is in slow loading status. I will help you speed up Website / Blog with WordPress in just a few clicks.

You will not believe how fast your website runs when performing the following test. Here I use the two most popular tools in the world: GTMetrix and Google Pagespeed Insight to test the speed of my website:

The results I obtained from GTMetrix:
The results I got from Google Pagespeed insight: (The picture above is Mobile, the Picture below is Desktop)

As a result of speed optimization, you know it. A website loads extremely fast and does not get jerky or lag during reading and searching.

After having a topic about Website / Blog, what should I do?
Dear readers, if you have read this, it is also time for us to complete 90% of the period of making money from the Blog. Once again, I would like to congratulate those who have been and are serious about themselves as well as making money online completely by Website / Blog. You’ve heard the phrase “The way you do one thing is the way you’re doing things.” From the personal point of view, I consider this job to make money online completely not too hard, but you have to spend serious time on it, at least every 3 hours after office hours. If you’re already married, arrange the least amount of time you can to build your own real online business. With the Internet of Things as of now, your online money making is also easier and much more convenient.

And here’s what after you’ve got a Website / Blog:

Create an INTRODUCTION PAGE and CONTACT PAGE for readers to know who you are, where you come from, and you set up Website/blog for what purpose and help those.

See more article: How to create a professional introduction page.

See more articles: How to create an existing contact form page.

Frequently asked questions in the process of making Website / Blog
Question: What theme should I choose to write a Website / Blog
Answers: Any topic, the level of enthusiasm of the Website also depends mainly on the market you are understanding.

Question: How to get a VISA Card / Master Card
: The ACB bank is only 20 minutes away.

Question: Do I need to fake information when I register with different hosting? No
: For all hosting providers, you should use the registration information and 100% real payment information, your account will be safe. .

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