Keyword Finder Review – A Keyword Research Tool You Should Use

Are you looking for the best keyword finder review? Why not trying KWFinder, one of the best keyword tools on the market?

Researching keywords is an essential step if you want your website to have a high ranking.

That means you have to learn how to perform keyword finding effectively; otherwise, your site traffic will not increase even though you put your heart and soul in content.

In this article, we want to introduce a reliable and easy-to-use keyword research tool to find long tail keywords with little SEO difficulty – KWFinder.

It provides a comprehensive data set that a veteran SEO needs, but still presents that data intuitively and friendly, which is suitable for a beginner.

Read my full review below to find out what KWFinder can do. And if you want to try KWFinder, it offers a free plan with five daily keyword research

Overview Of KWFinder

As we have mentioned above, ​KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tools helping you to find long tail keywords.

It is developed by Mangools, a startup company founded in 2014 and now run by four online entrepreneurs.

​So, what is KWFinder different from other tools? Here are some benefits of using this tool for SEO:

  • ​Endless researches. If you run a forever free account, you still get a limited number of inquiries every day.
  • ​Instant usage and quick user-interface. The intuitive of the tool makes it super easy to use and friendly to beginners. Besides, there are other support options like a responsive live chat.
  • Accurate keyword research data for keyword analysis.
  • No downloads and installations needed.
  • Many research options for unique keyword opportunities
  • One of the cheapest keyword research tools on the market

How To Find Long Tail Keywords With KWFinder


This feature gives you a list of other keyword suggestions based on the data from Google’s API.

For example, when you try entering a “pasta recipes” keyword, the display will look like this table above. The list of keywords that the tool suggests to you is on the left hand.

Also, at this position, you can see:

  • Trend – the search volume trend in the last 12 months, presented in the bar form.
  • Search – average monthly search volume within the last twelve months. Therefore, you can measure the profitability of the keyword.
  • CPC – average cost per click in Google AdWords. It indicates how much advertisers have to pay on average to rank for this keyword.
  • PPC – the level of competition in PPC in Google Adwords, ranging from 0 to 100. ​The higher value means the keyword’s higher competition.
Trends, Search, CPC and PPC

On the right hand, the tool will show you the keyword SEO Difficulty, which means how difficult the keywords are to rank based on various metrics, like:

  • DA – Domain Authority of the URL. It shows the ability of the selected domain to rank on the first page of Google. The higher value means the more effortless ability to rank.
  • PA – Page Authority of the URL. It indicates the strength of the URL to rank on the first page of Google.
  • MT – MozTrust of the URL. It shows the trust level of the URL. The higher trust level the URL means the higher rank on Google search.
  • MR – MozTrust of the URL. This value is based on Moz’s specific calculation to determine the URL ranking ability.

​Compared to other SEO keyword research tools, KWFinder still seems more outstanding with more features. For example, the filtering feature only focuses on long tail keywords that help ranking so that you can minimize keyword results.

What is the result? Now, you have reduced the list of keywords to 235 long tail keywords, which are highly targeted and have little competition.

Want the advanced filter? Try choosing keywords with specific requirements, such as the number of words, the maximum difficulty, and the exclude keywords of your choice.

Advanced Results Filter

Why do we choose these filters?

Setting the search volume allows the keywords that are not too low in traffic.

We also like excluding keywords, like “cheap,” “free,” etc. to ensure that my list is clean. Always remember to exclude keywords which are not relevant to you.

Not yet, the tool allows you to choose a specific location – a country, city, or even a street. If your business focuses on a particular area, this function is beneficial.

Searching with the desired language is also an excellent feature – and it is suitable if you are running an international business.


Autocomplete feature

You must guess its function. Google’s Autocomplete acts as a keyword generator, automatically adding extra words after the Seed keyword you enter.

So, if you want to understand what everybody is currently searching or you have not come up with niche keywords yet, try this feature.

The suggestions will be like what you see while typing in the Google search box, but with full parameters you need.

If you have ever used UberSuggest, you must have been familiar with this keyword research method. But, contrary to KW Finder, it limits the results found.


Finding question-based keywords

We highly appreciate this feature of  KW Finder – it helps us to develop website content, increase traffic with frequently searched keywords.

How does it work? It turns your search phrase into a question, including phrases like “how to,” “where,” “when,” “who,” etc. So, you can get access to a great source of long-tail keywords.

A list of possible questions that people search for and the related data will also be on display.

Here is one thing you should take note: The longer the long-tail keywords have less search volume.

This feature is used as an alternative to Quora or Reddit if you are lazy to search on it. But, due to limited results inside KW Finder, we would not recommend ignoring them completely. This is also the downfall of this tool.

Combining with SERP Checker

Look at the right hand of the display, and you will see the SERP Checker feature, which helps you to analyze the metrics of the ranking on the SERP for a specific keyword.

You do not have to buy it separately because it is integrated into KWFinder. That means you just need to buy KW Finder, and you can use SERP Checker and vice versa.  

So you see, this keyword analysis will determine the best long tail keywords which you can rank highly on Google.

SERP Checker

The full SERP Checker application will look like this:

SERP Checker Application

SERP Checker will give you detailed information and statistics on the top 10 results.

Look at the color code, and you will know their ranking. The green color represents easy-to-rank status. In contrast, the red color means hard or nearly impossible to rank.

The colors depends on the keyword difficulty score.

Keyword SEO difficulty

Using the above table, you will know whether it is worth competing for a specific keyword. We highly recommend the keywords with difficulty below 29, but you should carefully consider the ones above 29.

The Keyword Difficulty is calculated based on DA, PA, TF, CF and many other SEO indexes.

Besides these above metrics, the tool also provides the data like:

  • Est. visits – Estimated visits each month on the SERP position
  • Links – The number of authority external links that give backlinks to the page.
  • The number of Google+ and Facebook shares.

All of the information is on one screen, bringing convenience to users.

We think using KW Finder combined with SERP Checker bring the highest efficiency in analyzing SERP competition.

Downfalls of KWFinder

So, you have seen the good points of KWFinder. But, everything has its pros and cons, and KWFinder is not the exception.

Here are some disadvantages but we do not think they will hamper your experience of using.

  • KWFinder may suggest other unrelated keywords. But, we have to admit this is also the problem of many other keyword tools.
  • The Keyword SEO Difficulty does not all appear at once. We always want to compare their difficulty, so it is a little convenient for us.
  • The live chat will be not always there when you need, of course. But the customer service will contact to you through email
  • Because some features are based on Google’s API, Google might decide to remove data. But the tool also uses other sources like Majestic and Moz.
  • The SERP snapshot in the SERP Checker is not a 100% reproduction of the SERP. However, it is still a good indicator, which is useful if you want international search results.
  • There are potentially request limitations for heavy users.


KWFinder annual price

We understand that some tools are free to use like Google’s Keyword Planner, so many people will hesitate to pay for a keyword research tool.

So, what is the outstanding feature that persuades you to pay? Compared with other SEO tools such as Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, or ​SEMrush, KWFinder provides a clean and straightforward interface for keyword research.

Speaking of overall performance, KWFinder brings a more decent result than most of the other keyword tools. Also, it is​ an effortless way to find profitable and long tail keywords.

And luckily, the price of KWFinder is affordable to everyone. And remember, when you buy this keyword research tool, you will also get a SERP checker, rank tracking tool, backlink tool, and a website analysis tool. So, have a look at the price below:

KWFinder provides users with three monthly and yearly packages. However, If you purchase the annual package, it will save 40% from the monthly ones.

To take the most advantage of this tool, ​I recommend you should choose the Mangools Basic or Mangools Premium packages. Especially, if you work as a seasoned blogger or marketer, getting these plans will bring the best value and performance in keyword research.

And you are a professional digital marketing agency or an SEO freelancer? Pay a little more to get the Mangools Agency package because it offers the most significant sources of keyword suggestions.

However, if your budget is tight right now or this is the first time you use it, try the free KWFinder version. What can you get (though you have to accept limited features)?

  • ​Five keyword lookups per day
  • ​Five lookups with SERP Checker
  • 50 keyword suggestions with one search
  • ​100 backlink rows per day

Is KWFinder the right choice?

Without a doubt, our answer is yes! KWFinder is one of the most intuitive keyword research tools on the market.

It is perfect for finding SEO long tail keywords, providing sufficient and accurate data for keyword analysis and combining with other free tools to meet all your keyword needs and bring optimum results.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional SEO marketer, KWFinder is a right choice.

Thank you for reading and do not hesitate to share your opinion!

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