Elegant Themes Review: Is It A Blessing In Disguise?

Elegant Themes is a renowned theme provider among web designer. But are they worth the hype? Keep scrolling down to find the answer.

Elegant themes for wordpress
Elegant themes for wordpress

Building a personal website from scratch is never an easy task, especially when you don’t have much experience in coding. As a web designer, we must pay close attention to the web appearance. But there are numerous things to do and sometimes, we just don’t know where to start with.

Lucky for us, there is an extensive selection of theme package available to shorten your time on decorating the website.

Lucky for us, there is an extensive selection of theme package available to shorten your time on decorating the website.

A Brief Introduction Of Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes are an ecosystem for WordPress created by Nick Roach, the founder and also the CEO of the company. Though it has just been in the market for five years, Elegant Themes have gained significant achievements.

General Functionalities Of Elegant Themes

Similar to other theme providers, Elegant Themes have some basic settings that you can find in all WordPress decor from free to paid versions.

General Settings

In the basic modules, you can modify the color spectrum and the typography of the theme. They also enable you to have full control over the layout of your pages.

For example, which articles will be on top, which icons to be used. The general settings are the foundation to build up a fancy theme, so you should master the common modifications.

Navigation Settings

The Navigation Settings give you more stunning effects such as dropdown menus or embedded links. You can also change the navigation bar and many other things in details.

Builder Settings

Divi themes, the flagship product of Elegant Themes, provide Builder Settings to decorate your writings, ranging from individual posts, pages to projects. Customization is a big bonus in this mode.

Layout Settings

To decorate the web base like a pro, you need to access Layout Settings. It helps you establish and alter small but important elements of a website like comments, thumbnails …

Ad Settings

If you are aiming to extend the popularity of your web, Ad Settings are necessary to earn money and assist the business growth. With Elegant Themes, you can manage both widget and un-widget advertisements because they can integrate with Google AdSense, a universal tool for ad management.

SEO Settings

This is a must for all WordPress themes because SEO will analyze the performance of your posts, giving the best suggestions to promote the productivity of your website.SEO Settings in Elegant Themes are separate for each individual page. It is also feasible with common SEO plugins like All-In-One SEO and WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Integration Tab

Integration Tab is an extension for you to embed third-party scripts. Google Analytics is widely used in this section as a tracking tool.

The Best Things Elegant Themes Offer

The Best Things Elegant Themes Offer

Elegant Themes offer two main packages, Divi and Extra. Divi themes a bit more welcomed, so we will go into details about it.

Multi-functionality is the most suitable word to describe Divi overlays. It is so versatile that you can not only build a blog, a business web, an e-commerce store, but you can also make an online magazine based on Divi themes.

In terms of multipurpose, we don’t think any other presets could beat Elegant Themes’ Divi.

Thanks to the no coding customization, Divi theme is pretty simple to use. It is also an advocate of “What You See Is What You Get” scheme for web designing. With the ability to build a website visually, you can change almost everything on the interface within a second.

No time for loading. No time for saving.

Any adjustment will appear right after you type something or drag and drop a new element. If coding language is challenging for you, now you find a solution. That’s why both amateurs and web designers at a more advanced level highly recommend Divi theme.

Loading up one of the Divi overlays gives you a quick way to start your website, and the new-and-improved Divi Builder can be used to customize these layouts through an intuitive front-end drag-and-drop user interface. Creating your custom designs from scratch ain’t a problem either with Divi.

Newbies to WordPress can use the Divi layouts, combined with the builder’s point-and-click interface to create custom page designs. When you are more accustomed to it, you can fasten the process and build up more elegant pages.

Helpful Plugins

When you are subscribed to Elegant Themes, you will be provided with five supportive plugins

Divi Builder

divi builder
divi builder

When it comes to the success of the Divi theme, we shouldn’t overlook the importance of Divi Builder, the drive behind awe-inspiring landing pages.

Divi Builder features up to 46 content modules. The way you build up a website with these modules is similar to the game of arranging blocks.

Yes, it is.

Just drag and drop. And you will have a stunning new appearance for your bestie.

In the toolbox, you can find more offers, three sections types, twenty arrangements of rows. Fully enough to imprint your own identity on your web.

Plus, the advanced setting grants you the right to do plenty of actions From easy tasks like copy, paste, duplicate to more high-end deeds such as disable and lock an element on the FrontEnd.

If you make a mistake in editing, don’t be freaking out because Divi Builder saves them all. You can do and undo as many times as you want.

Sometimes, you may get stuck in the idea of decoration. That’s when the premade layouts come in handy. You can use the template as a reference and modify it to your likings. Another way to take advantage of the Divi Builder Library is to save modules and collections to it for later use in the future. Because Divi theme is compatible with all WordPress web base, there’s no hassle in adding and syncing new elements in the storage.


Bloom plugin
Bloom plugin

If Divi Builder is a smart tool for web designing, Bloom is an initiative for email marketing. It is an innovative and leading extension with six different display features, namely: below-content forms, require opt-ins, opt-in pop-ups, fly-ins, inline forms, widget area opt-ins.


Monarch plugin
Monarch plugin

Monarch is used for social media sharing. In the booming of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, this is quintessential. Monarch allows you to add sharing icon in five different places: above and/or below content, floating sidebar, automatic pop-ups, on images & videos, automatic fly-ins.


As the name implies, this is an add-on for the mobile interface. It is optimized for handheld devices like cellphones, tablets so the experience will be faster and smoother.


If you want to maintain the website without disturbing visitors or losing traffic, Anticipate plugin will help with a “Coming Soon” page or something like that, so your customers will not get bothered, not being able to enter the website.

Shortcodes & Page Templates

Besides the gorgeous, easy to personalize themes and convenient plugins, Elegant Themes are also the pioneer in using shortcodes and page templates.

Shortcodes is useful when you want to upgrade your site’s functionality since it lets you add slideshows, tabs, tooltips and many other elements in the toolkits to your posts. Page templates give you access to pre-made overlays such as Contact forms, Sitemaps, Blog feeds, Advanced search and so on. It is a great source for reference when you have no idea about how to decorate your page

Frequent Updates

A well-coded theme on WordPress will be of little use if there is no update. As you may know, our world is changing within a minute. To catch up with the fast movements of technological progress, we should have a good team of customer service by our side.

Thankfully, Elegant Themes do provide us that utility. As long as you are a member of Elegant Themes community, you can be confident that your theme will always be compatible with the newest version of WordPress. If you find any bug while using Elegant Themes, you can report it directly via the plugins, which is the quickest way to get things fixed.

A well-coded theme on WordPress will be of little use if there is no update. As you may know, our world is changing within a minute. To catch up with the fast movements of technological progress, we should have a good team of customer service by our side.

Problems You May Have With Elegant Themes

More Is Less

Elegant Themes offer a lot of premium features, so beginners of web building may be confused at their first trial. Just imagine that you are surrounded by almost 90 fantastic themes, you must be overwhelmed with too many options. Let alone multiple choices to arrange the 46 elements in the toolbox.

Therefore, if you are a completely blank sheet regarding web designing, you may want to start with something simple like the decoration made by WordPress. After getting used to it and knowing the technical terms, it’s time to improve the interface with Elegant Themes.

Possible Delays

One more issue with this theme package is the delay in fixing bugs. Though the customer service officers are very responsive to your request, they hardly take any action until many subscribers report the same problems.

It can be a means to keep the company’s workforce stay focused and avoid distractions from destructive users. But when you are really struggling with the bug, any postponement will be unforgivable.

The Issue With Shortcodes

Last but not least, the shortcodes, previously mentioned as a benefit of Elegant Themes, can turn out to be a disaster as well. In case you switch to other packages by other theme providers, all the codes won’t change accordingly.

The outcome is your web becomes full of coding language and you are sort of building everything from the beginning.

Pricing Plans

Elegant Themes are currently giving two options for pricing models. The fee for a yearly subscription is roughly $89 while one-time purchase will cost you nearly $249. Taking into account all the advantages Elegant Themes possess, we think this is a fair price for clients.

In both plans, you will have access to all the themes and plugins made by Elegant Themes team. It also comes with regular updates, customer support, unlimited web usage a full guarantee against all risks.

The only difference is the lifespan. The annual plan needs to be renewed year after year while you just have to pay once for the lifetime access.

To decide which plan is better than the other, it depends much on your goal, your style, and your preference. If you are the type of person who is addicted to new things, a one-year purchase may be more appropriate. But if you have some friends to share the same career path, the lifetime subscription will no longer look as much as several hundred dollars.

So, take your time and consider the pros and cons of both options before you let your money go.

A Few Last Words

Overall, Elegant Themes are doing a great job in providing a splendid look to WordPress based websites. Like the branding of the company, all components are exquisite and stylish. The Divi Theme is outstanding to make a wide range of sites while the Divi Builder presents ultimate control over the decoration of the web.

After so many years working as a web designer, Elegant Themes are still my favorite.

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