DreamHost Review: The Most Affordable Option on The Market?

Looking for an affordable hosting server? Read this DreamHost to learn about an optimal option that promises an exceptional hosting service you can ever find.

Among many other hosting services, DreamHost has been standing out as one of the most affordable and reliable. Read on our DreamHost detailed review to see how it can help you with your business.

Web Host Services – what you need to know

Web hosting service

If you want to get your business online, then you need a website

A website is a home where you show up and sell goods, contents and whatever that have value for this society.

Even if you own a brick-and-mortar store, having a website to get your business identity online is still an utmost need in this internet-centric age.

Conventionally, people relied on word-of-mouth to get reputable services; nowadays they scour the Internet for the desired service or product.

In term of Internet search, if your site doesn’t appear on the first pages of the search engine, potential clients and customers won’t find their ways to you. In other words, a website can become your main source of traffic for sales and money.

To bring your business online, you need a hosting that acts as a land to build your home. A web host service will keep your website’s files on its server, then deliver them to audiences.

A web host service may offer you many plans for data transfer, email, storage, and other features. You will pay a recurrent fee to maintain “rent” on this land.

The next concern is which hosting to choose now?

Although each web host providers is different, their web hosting tiers bear a huge resemblance. For hosting plans, you’ll be most likely to stumble upon VPS (or virtual private server), WordPress hosting plans or dedicated hosting.

Each tier is suitable for different purposes and has different specs that will take you quite some time to get used to.

Among a base of other web hosts, DreamHost is one of the biggest ‘brothers’ in the field. As of 2018, it claims more than 4k customers and hosts more than 1.5M sites. The sheer number can prove how good this web host is.

It started small, California-based, by a few undergraduates from the Claremont Colleges. By winning as the “Best Web Hosting Service” award for two consecutive years, it also guarantees that its customers don’t have to worry about a thing.

To prove that its service is exceptional, DreamHost offers 100% uptime and a 97-day money back program.

In the post below, we will go in depth about the strong points and weak points of DreamHost, as well asDreamHost WordPress detail review.

DreamHost strong points

Dreamhost – Best WordPress Hosting

DreamHost offers a multitude of pluses that users will experience from the first glance to the days spending using the service. In this part, let’s investigate more on what you will gain by using DreamHost for your hostings.

1. It loads 23% faster than the average of other sites

In comparison to the loading statistics, DreamHost clocks at one fifth faster than how other sites perform.

2. Not only does DreamHost goes fast, but it also goes deep into the user’s experience by providing good customer support

The customer service base here is strong, we can connect them 24/7, and a live chat agent will come to your aid within 5 minutes. You can expect to have a detailed response for most of your concerns regarding the hosting.

3. You can rest assured about trusting your money with DreamHost because they have a really awesome money-back guarantee

First of all, there’s the 97-day money back guarantee. This is also the longest guarantee for money-back at the time of writing (April 2019). With this option, you get shared hosting plans.

The long extent of money-back guarantee also makes sure that you have enough time to decide whether you like DreamHost or not before settling in. Nobody will get stuck committing to DreamHost’s service before they make sure that they like it.

Secondly, there’s also a make-up service. For every hour that their hosting service gets interrupted, for whatever reason, you will have one day service credited back. If these people don’t know what they are doing, then we don’t know who does.

4. As awesome as it is, DreamHost surprisingly costs you a fragment of what you will get

For the most basic plan with the shared hostings for a simple website, you only need to pay for less than $3 per month, for the first whole year.  Some other hosting services can give you a similar price base, however, at a much longer contract. You would need to subscribe for two or three years straight to get similar pricing. That makes the value of DreamHost much higher.

Aside from this affordable option, DreamHost also allows you to enjoy more robust services, with unlimited shared upgrades, VPS or dedicated servers. These services are of absolute necessity if you want to upgrade your sites.

5. Unlike other sites, DreamHost actually gives you unlimited bandwidth. They even state this clearly in their terms and policy

DreamHost web hosting features

In each package that DreamHost offers, there are a variety of features. The higher the plan is, the more specialized features you have. The features that DreamHost has are of high value and receive good feedbacks from customers

Site Builder

The lowest cost plan of DreamHost is already integrated with a site builder. It is an application that allows you to design your website by yourself. Because DreamHost web builder is integrated with the hosting, the building and designing process will be smoother and supported.

24/7 Support

Another big feature of DreamHost that makes it desirable is the 24/7 customer support.

Should you stumble upon any problems, or have any request, you can just open the Customer Support chat box on DreamHost’s site. In as fast as 5 minutes, the automatic chatbot will direct you to a real person with in-depth information that can solve your problems as urgently as you need it.

The customer service staffs of DreamHost have received good feedbacks for incredible knowledge and prompt answers.


One of the biggest factors that decide the web hosting experience is the uptime. If the site is down, your information won’t be available for customers and clients. Which means in downtime, nobody can find, see or buy your products and services.

Dreamhost uptime is excellent, and the company does an excellent job of keeping your sites up. They also compensate big time for every downtime that your site experiences.

Let’s go deeper into web hosting tiers to see which one best serves your business.

Hosting plans

WordPress hosting

DreamHost has a wonderful WordPress hosting service.

WordPress is one of the most used content management systems, and WordPress Hosting is for the people who want to build their sites on the base of WordPress.com.

Even though WordPress has its own Content Management System, some business prefers to have the advantage of web-building functionality of a self-hosted site. The optimized plan for WordPress hosting also handles the backend stuff for you.

This service is called DreamPress. If you subscribe to the most basic option, it will give you up to 10,000 monthly visits, and 30GB SSD. All this will cost you about $16.95 for a month.

There’s another service called DreamPress Plus, which opens your site for 30,000 visitors monthly, with double the SSD at 60GB. DreamPress Plus will cost you up to $24.95 for a month.

The last but not least option is DreamPress Pro, which cost $71.95 for every month. In turn, we will have 120GB for SSD storage, and a staging site, along with 100,000 monthly visits.

Every company is different and has distinct needs for their website hosts. DreamHost has a set of solutions that can adjust to your company size and the particular niche that your company caters to.

Shared Web Hosting plan is the cheapest option, which is suitable for those who just dabble in the website sector. With as low as $7.95/month, you have a chance to access to unlimited bandwidth, numbers of domains and emails.

With Shared Web Hosting, DreamHost houses many sites on a single server. Your business will share the same server with sites from Company X, Enterprise Y, and Blog Z.

The most prominent upside of Shared Web Hosting is the cost because it is the most inexpensive option. Even if you want to try the service for only one month, it would only cost as low as $10.95, which is a desirable rate on the market.

DreamPress ( Managed WordPress Hosting )

Features of DreamPress Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Two virtual private servers: The plan comes with a standard two VPS servers configured for your WP site. According to DreamHost, each handles the front end side of your site, while the other is dedicated to the back-end database handling.
  • Solid state drives (SSD): Your data are stored in a fast storage with 30 GB memory space for quick and easy information retrieval.
  • Dynamic memory scaling: This feature allows your site to handle a spike in traffic and still function optimally.
  • Uses Varnish caching and Memcached: for fast caching and reduced server requests.
  • Highly optimized PHP7 and OPcache: for improved WordPress function and also maintaining compatibility with 3rd-party WP plugins.
  • Preconfigured and available HHVM
  • HTTP/2, Let’s Encrypt TLS/SSL and NGINX to secure your website and get it all ready to integrate with your e-commerce store.
  • SSH access available for both Git support and WP-CLI
  • Ability to create unlimited emails: You’re able to set up and manage email accounts from your DreamPress plan unlike other managed WP hosting plans.
  • No overage charges: So you’re sure of what you’ll be paying at the end of every month.
  • $100 Google Adwords credit: Now you can start promoting your website right away without worrying about funding your marketing efforts.
  • Up to 2.1 million monthly visits – which means you, have enough window to grow.
  • Easy CloudFlare integration
  • Automatic daily backup: The platform automatically backs your data up every day.
  • 24/7 WordPress support: No matter what issues you might face, you’re always going to have highly skilled support round the clock who would walk you through the solutions or in most cases, remotely take over and resolve the problems.
  • No bandwidth limitations

DreamPress Pricing

DreamPress is relatively inexpensive when compared with other WordPress managed hosting services out there.

You can either signup for the monthly payment plan starting at $16.95 or go for the yearly fee and get 15 percent off the regular price.

Here is what you get when you sign up for DreamPress in addition to the features listed above:

  • Easy signup
  • Jetpack premium for free: This costs $99/year if you are to buy it yourself.

DreamHost VPS Hosting

For those looking for VPS, DreamHost can also hook you up with a plan that cost $15 per month. You will get 1GB RAM and 30GB storage for unlimited domains. The other tiers include Business (2GB RAM, 60GB storage), Professional (4GB RAM, 120 GB Storage) and Enterprise (8GB RAM, 240GB storage).

Like shared hosting, VPS hosting of DreamHost also houses multiple sites in the same server. However, it is a dedicated plan, which means there are not as many sites on a server, and each site digs on its individual resources.

If Shared Hosting is like sharing a room with many roommates, then VPS hosting is like renting an apartment in a large building. Unlike shared hosting, VPS prevents lagging when your “housemates” have surging traffic flows. This plan is most suited for medium and big businesses that want to have stable hostings.

DreamHost dedicated hosting

Among the three tiers, Dedicated Web Hosting is the most powerful and pricey option of DreamHost. This is the one that you must choose if your online presence is big, and there is a need for an incredible amount of server resources.

To use the same metaphor as above, we could regard the dedicated web hosting as having your own home. You have the ability to utilize the web server at full power, with all its privileges.

This is a spectacular service, which starts at about $169 for a month. You will get DDoS protection, 100% unlimited uptime guarantee, full root & Shell access. From these dedicated servers, you will get amazing statistics such as 2TB storage, 12 max cores, RAID 1 and 64GB max RAM. Which are a lot, right?

Which Web Hosting tier is suitable for you?

Among the four tiers here, beginners may not be sure which plan is the most efficient. In that case, choosing the shared web hosting, which is the smallest one, might be the wisest option. You always have a choice to graduate to other packages that are more robust and feature-rich.

Choosing a web host tier needs also depending on how much you expect your business to grow. Never commit to anything longer than a one-year plan, because you might never know how big your business is going to be.

Weak Points

Asides from the pluses, DreamHost also has its minuses, which you should be aware of before subscribing to their services.

The server error must last for more than one minute of consecutive requests for them to credit the make-up usage. This means that you will not get your service extended there is a server error, but it lasts for less than one minute.

For certain payment methods, DreamHost requires you to contact their customer service manually, rather than refund automatically. These payment methods include:

  • Gift certificates
  • Paypal
  • Check
  • Money orders

While it’s true that the unlimited bandwidth that DreamHost offers will save you a lot of costs, they don’t apply it to certain conditions. These conditions are:

  • You use content that is not copyrighted, which you don’t hold usage or distribution rights
  • You use the service for upload/archive/sharing/mirroring/backup sites
  • You use the site to drive traffic to another site primarily

Build a strong home for your sites

From this DreamHost review, we hope that you can make the right decision choosing a server to host your website. Changing the service provider midwater is going to be costly. Therefore, it’s best that you make the right decision from the beginning.

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