Bluehost Review 2020 from Tech Experts and Real Users

Anyone who plans to create websites should always consider a reliable hosting provider. If that is in your mission, reading this Bluehost review will help.

Bluehost is a hosting service provided by one of the largest hosting companies, and it is recommended by WordPress.

In 2020, is there still a reason to rely on Bluehost to host your website? The answer requires a ton of testing and evaluation.

But we ran the tests again recently to give you an objective Bluehost review.

The hard work is done.

Now, we are ready to show you the insights. Make sure to read all the way through.


The company itself started in 1996 in Provo, Utah. It has been growing and powering more than 2 million websites around the world.

With over 50,000 square feet of office space and 20,000 of that being just the data center, Bluehost as a company is no joke.


For WordPress projects that are in need of a host, Bluehost is always in the first line.

That also applies to websites already running on overloaded servers; Bluehost might be a better fit.

Why people choose Bluehost?

If you enter in any search engine “the best hosting provider,” or “hosting to start a website,” a majority of recommendations refer to Bluehost.

We’re not sure why so many haters are spreading the rumor that recommendations of Bluehost are only to earn high commissions for the affiliates.

That would make no sense because many other hosting providers offer an even higher commission per referral.

So, if you run into someone saying how much they hate Bluehost, think twice.

For us, Bluehost has been the home of most of our domains. We’ve met minimal-to-no issues ever since. Even when we were in Asia, away from the Server in a different time zone, we got whatever support we needed.

If you’re a pure newcomer to blogging, you don’t need fancy hosting with the highest speeds for less traffic. A downtime of even 10 minutes would not hurt too much.

If you are blogging for years that’s different.

With thousands of visitors, you likely earn enough to afford a better plan.

What are the other plans?

Bluehost offers something for every users’ purpose. The company has grown to provide for every need. The hosting services come with:

  • Shared hosting: Most popular and budget
  • VPS hosting: Private server with extreme performance
  • Dedicated hosting: For ultimate websites

For WordPress users:

  • WordPress hosting: For WP website builders only
  • WP Pro: Come with more features and many unlimited offers
  • eCommerce: Built for online stores powered by WooCommerce

But let’s stick to a budget this time.

A Bluehost package includes:

  • One free domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WordPress hosting
  • 24/7 Support

Up to this point, if any doubt is holding you back, dump it.

You will get a 30-day money back guarantee that promise ZERO risks using the hosting.

Wonder what that means? It’s “take your money and run” if you’re not happy with the service after a month. Make sure you read the policy.

That said, what is there to lose?

Bluehost’s advantages

With so many benefits coming with your purchase, you may wonder about the advantages that make the hosting first in line.

bluehost pricing

Reasonable Pricing

Take a look:

As you can see, there are competitive options compared to other web hosting platforms.

Reading the descriptions may wear you out, so let’s keep it simple.

The basic plan is for newbies who just started out making a blog.

But if you think you’re going to build out more than one website, consider the remaining two options because you will get unlimited.

Sub-domains, parked domains, email accounts, and email storage also flow endlessly.

The Global CDN, or Content Delivery Network, boosts your site performance.

As you can see, there are competitive options compared to other web hosting platforms.

Reading the descriptions may wear you out, so let’s keep it simple.

The basic plan is for newbies who just started out making a blog.

But if you think you’re going to build out more than one website, consider the remaining two options because you will get unlimited.

Sub-domains, parked domains, email accounts, and email storage also flow endlessly.

The Global CDN, or Content Delivery Network, boosts your site performance.

Customer service

Bluehost provides 24/7 expert support with live chat, direct call, and email ticket.

The company employs a robust team along with a vast knowledge base and source to available for you to browse your answers.

The waiting time is relatively short.

We respond promptly and proactively go above and beyond. The support staff will always make sure all your needs are fully fledged no matter how small the issue.

Server speed

Using GTmetrix, we brought one of our websites for a sample speed test.

It gave us a 94% rating which is 17% faster than the average web hosts.

The fully loaded time only takes 1.9 seconds to load the page while the average rate is 6.9 seconds.

WordPress recommendation

Bluehost is the number one of WordPress’s choice.

The one-click install using simple scripts prevails over Bluehost’s competitors that have a hassle-filled WordPress installation process.

Our verdict:

In our Bluehost WordPress detailed review, we had one website complete the install process in under 10 minutes using this one-click feature.

Backend experience

At the back end of our experience with Bluehost, the cPanel is pretty straightforward.

You have all the access to tools present on the dashboard to assist your management.

If you are on a metered subscription status, you can check in the FTP for disk usage and statistics as well.

In case you share the login with anyone, it is possible to check the error logs.

You also have a choice to have dedicated IP and SSL Certificates if you need that extra layer of authenticity.

For SEO, the G Suit is at your service. And many other site tools to help you program, protect, code, marketing, email autoresponder, and also instructive videos to guide you.


When your blog or business with an increasing number of visitors, you are welcomed to upgrade to a VPS and migrate your WordPress on shared hosting.

Our verdict:

We got a non-tech savvy challenging himself doing the migration. He followed the steps but ended up calling them to get help. That said, he had a responsive live assistant walking him through all the way.

Who needs Bluehost?

WordPress’s new bloggers

Launching a WP website requires you a reputable hosting provider.

Look no further because Bluehost is already on the top table of WP’s recommendation followed by Dreamhost.

Bluehost offers shared WordPress hosting and the Pro package match perfectly anyone’s wish to create their WP websites.

The plans are specifically designed for WP with several supports and free premium themes.

**Not only first-timers will love Bluehost, but skilled bloggers come back as well for their new sites.

Little to non tech savvy

Creating a website is no longer a job for coders. Bluehost introduces an easy and amateur friendly’s interface and settings.

Everything is so straightforward and transparent on the dashboard that anyone can put their hands on.

The one-click install WP is the highlight of this capability.

Budget hosting seekers

Generally, small and large businesses fit well to Bluehost shared hosting plans.

While most plans include unlimited disk storage, utilizing the hosting for companies that don’t rely much on web sales and traffic is a cost-efficient investment.

The upselling is usually more expensive. So, make sure you don’t exceed your wallet.

Why some users underrate Bluehost?

In a Bluehost detailed review came to our references, they mentioned how people distaste Bluehost due to some negativities users brought to themselves.

Many experienced downtime longer than what they were hyped to expect, but seldom know the reasons behind it.

Not all machines are perfect.

Bluehost doesn’t use SSD for storage but still relies on spinning hard drives that cause most of the defects.

Storage downtime isn’t rare on the platform resulting in the extended downtime periods.

We didn’t suffer many instances of losing the connection; even when it happened, it was not long-lasting.

No hosting provider can guarantee no electric outages and Internet collapse.

So, give them a break to repair the issue.

As the saying goes “You get what you pay.”

Others shared their bad experience regarding the basic plans for too complicated sites.

Again, you don’t expect to pay a few bucks to host a website with 10,000 visits a day.

And, those haters might not like the fact that their purchases earned stranger money and they spoke as if they knew the real problem. We would just believe in our own undergo.

It is same as you like McDonald but hate Wendy while the others do the opposite.

But whatsoever!

It’s people’s preference. We would let users learn the lessons themselves. It is fair to give it a try. In any case you’re not happy, hit the no question asked money back button.

The cons

As you may know, Bluehost isn’t flawless. There may exist some drawbacks that hesitate users.

However, we count them as minors since we’re already happy.

Anyway, let’s see.

Add-ons not pre-installed

You can see the cPanel consists of tons of helpful tools, but not all of them are ready as you come. To get the full functionality, you will take the installing duty.

Up-sale emails

We keep receiving aggressive promotion offers from Bluehost.

It could upset you but at the same, may bring what you need in time.

Price is under competitive pressure

Although the pricing is reasonable and worth the dime, Bluehost’s plan is still marked as high compared to other hosting providers.

Not to mention the cost for domain renewal is relatively higher than average.

Meanwhile, Dreamhost offers a lower starting price with the likewise standard.

Final line

Budget hostings are attractive, but not every one of them delivers a decent quality as expected. Purchasing out of the hype will break your dream of a high-speed hosting for your web project.

Bluehost is different.

The company has always been our trustable hosting provider.

Out of the benefits we’ve got, it’s also pleased us with good maintenance and extremely responsive support.

We hope this review has wiped off your reluctance and made you ready to start your blog. Do leave us comments if you have any question about Bluehost.

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